• Research

  • Design and control of a stereo-vision robot head

    This project presents an endeavor to mimic human vision by designing, building and controlling a robotic head with stereo-vision that uses low-priced web cameras, motors and controller. The objectives are to investigate and to compare different existing pan-tilt mechanisms in order to come up with a solution that is both affordable and accurate to build a robot head. The system intends to provide the robot head with all the information required to track and follow the tip of a 6 DOF small manipulator while in operation.

  • Design and Fabrication of a Wheeled Robot Suitable for Greenhouse Works

    History has shown that robots are usually used in environments where a human cannot cope to work. Greenhouses are considered to be such environments where humans are called to perform hazardous and tedious operations. Therefore, there is a pressing need to use robots in greenhouses in order to perform tasks such as, harvesting, monitoring, and spraying of fruits. This project deals with the design and fabrication of a wheeled robot suitable for works inside greenhouses.