EGR598 - Mechatronics Device Innovation

Mechatronics Device Innovation is a graduate level, project-based course on the design of mechatronic devices. Students work in teams to develop a novel mechatronic device to address needs identified by hospital-based clinicians. The students navigate through a mechatronics design process that includes: problem identification; prior art searches; strategy and concept generation; modeling; designing, prototyping, and evaluating. Emphasis is given on the development of creative designs that are motivated by analytical models. An additional number of lectures on specific aspects pertinent to innovation of mechatronic devices is offered that includes topics in: intellectual property, marketing, licensing, startups and lean launchpad for startups. The teams present their final prototypes in class and at a clinical forum. Finally, students  write a publication quality paper, which they are encouraged to submit and present to a conference or journal. 

The course is supported by: AzTE, Barrow Neurological Institute, and VentureWell.


EGR598: Spring 2018

Biofeedack Walker team

Shoulder Assist team

Soft Back Orthosis team

Aquatic Therapy Team

Haptic Neurofeedback Team

Soft Deltoid Assist Team

Innovation Showcase 2018

Barrow 2018