Soft Robotics

Engineering bio-inspired mechatronics

About the Lab

The ASU Bio-Inspired Mechatronics Lab is a multidisciplinary laboratory that focuses on research and development of biologically inspired mechatronic technologies. Our current focus is to discover engineering principles and designs that will guide the development of entirely new approaches for wearable assistive devices and soft robotics with the goal to transform patient care and human activity.

Lab Members

!NEW!   Masters program in Robotics and Autonomous Systems


The Bio-Inspired Mechatronics Lab is an affiliate lab of ASU Robotics.

ABC15 - ASU students' invention designed to help stroke patients

ABC15 - ASU students' invention designed to help stroke patients

Our work on the Soft-Inflatable Exosuit was covered by ABC15.

Lab Openings

We are always looking for talented and ambitious graduate and undergradute students to conduct research as part of their thesis, supervised project, or FURI. Please contact the lab's PI sending your CV and describing your interests.

Latest news

August 17, 2018

Our collaborative proposal "Anthropomorphic Robotic Ankle Prosthesis with Programmable Materials" with Profs. Mo RastgaarPanagiotis Artemiadis, and Kenton Kaufman was funded by NSF - NRI 2.0 (also here).  

May 1, 2018

Fox 10 News: Our lab's joint reserach project with SRP and the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab at ASU aims at developing drones with soft graspers to collect water samples from remote SRP canals. Video

April 11, 2018

KJZZ 91.5:  A four-minute radio segment on KJZZ radio featuring Prof. Wenlong Zhang, Prof. Panagiotis Polygerinos, and Prof. Daniel Aukes talking about robotics in the SRP  canals.

January 24-25, 2019 - Tempe, Arizona